Docking station: Charge 6 devices at one with ALL-DOCK

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All dock slot viewIf your household is like ours, you probably have several smartphones, tablets or other portable devices needing charging. Our bedside tables are a mess, with mine being the worst. I’ve had as many as four devices all charging at the same time. So what if a single docking station could fix all that?

Check out this Kickstarter for the ALL-DOCK. It’s almost complete and fully funded, but there’s still time to put in your pledge to get one of these fantastic docks.

The ALL-DOCK is envisioned as a functional piece of art. It will offer a solution for the rapid recharging of multiple devices at the same time, compatible with nearly all devices, including Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Microsoft, Nokia, Kindle, Sony Ericsson, Nexus, etc. The ALL-DOCK will enable you to work with, charge, dock and store your device – all with the same station. It will provide incredible value for money.

Look at those pictures. It really is gorgeous. But it’s not just a pretty face. It’s also fast. They claim 2400 mA per USB exit. That should give you an 80% charge on a smartphone in less than an hour.
docking station

What I liked was that it didn’t have dedicated ports. Instead, it had slots where you feed through your own charging cable. This means you never have to worry about device compatibility. Because all the cables are in the body of the station, no wires stick out. It’s all self-contained.

However, it’s not just functional. It’s also pretty. There are three finishes (black, white and walnut), which should match just about any office or home decor.

You’ll have a choice of sizes, depending on how many devices you need to charge simultatneously. I can also see this being a boon for travellers. Instead of hunting down multiple power outlets in a hotel room, you just need one.

Battery backups and docking stations are becoming commonplace, but I think this one will stand out.

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  • Laurie Richardson

    I need a docking station that will fit in a kitchen drawer. Must have at least 6 places to plug in phones. No more then 2″ tall. Do you have such a thing?