Samsung pays Ericsson to put an end to patent drama

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ericsson samsungWe know how most phone manufacturers make money: produce kick-ass phones, OS, or apps. For others, there are those who get extra money by winning in some battles. In the mobile industry, patent wars bring companies both good and bad. For Samsung, another bad thing though as it will be paying Ericcson some $650 million to end a courtroom drama.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has been tasked to pay another tech giant but what’s surprising is that the Korean company doesn’t seem to keen on fighting unlike when the issue is with Apple.

Samsung and Ericcson simply agreed on licensing terms and settled to end the patent battle. In a press release by Ericsson, it says that the ‘agreement includes global patent cross licensing of cellular technologies’.

The said agreement covers patents related to UMTS, GSM, and LTE standards.

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