Samsung working on Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch

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Galaxy Gear 2 smart watchSamsung’s Galaxy Gear is perhaps one of the most popular smartwatches in the market today. I think it’s the most practical model to buy given that it works with other Galaxy devices. It may not be even a year after its release but we learned that the Korean tech giant is already working on a follow up: the Galaxy Gear 2.

Samsung won’t confirm this yet but the Korean media is saying that the next Galaxy smartwatch will have a totally new design. It will be thinner and will sport a flexible OLED display. The latter description is expected since more and more companies are looking into the new technology.

We’re also expecting a March or April launch but I hope Samsung works on the battery life, pairing, and software. Of course, we know those will be improved but please Samsung, focus on aspects that matter not just the looks.

Who has a Galaxy Gear smartwatch already? Are you getting the Galaxy Gear 2?

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