LG G Pro 2 confirmed for February intro at MWC

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lg-optimus-g-proSome OEMs tease their upcoming product announcements with cryptic messages, tweets or Facebook posts. Others try to build hype by anonymously leaking out details to the press (trust me, it happens). Finally, there’s LG, whose buzz-boosting tactic of late is the outright confirmation of the names and ETAs of soon to be introduced devices.

After spilling the G2 beans early last summer, the Koreans have earlier today done it again. Only this time, we’re not looking at a fresh entry in the G series, but rather a follow-up for the Optimus G Pro rolled out in spring of 2013.

As suspected, the big guy’s official moniker is G Pro 2 (no Optimus, so LG is getting serious about the family), and the intro is happening next month. Probably, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona sometime between the 24th and 27th. Or maybe on the eve of the expo’s kick-off, as the CES tradition seems to call for.

Either way, expect the G Pro 2 up on store shelves as soon as March. Anything about specs? Nothing set in stone, but on the down low we’re hearing a 6-inch Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800 chip and 3 GB RAM is the least one can hope for.

Don’t forget to do something about the first-gen G Pro’s design, LG, as plasticky and tacky are no longer in style.

Via [LG Korea]

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