Moto X discounted yet again, starts at $300 January 27 only, $330 through Valentine’s

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Moto XStop the presses, everybody, as Motorola has gone mad. Like off the wall bananas. The creators of the amazing Moto X are discounting their current flagship for what feels like the hundredth time in the past couple of months, now bringing the base off-contract price to… $299.

The catch (of course there’s a catch) is the deal will only be valid for 60 minutes, from 3 to 4 PM ET on Monday January 27 via the Moto Maker website. But get this, once the limited-time promo expires, a more permanent deal comes into play, allowing buyers to score the X at just 30 bucks north.

Math not your strongest suit? Then to make it clear, starting at 4:01 PM today, the Moto X shall cost $329 outright in a 16 GB variation. Meanwhile, the 32 gigs models go for $349 between 3 and 4 and $379 from 4:01 to Valentine’s Day. A-mazeballs!

And yes, you can customize the discounted devices however you like, including by wrapping their rears in swanky wood. Bamboo, teak, ebony and walnut finishes are up for grabs, each for a $25 premium, so all in all, the woody Xs are $325 and up for the one hour later today, and $355 through February 14.

I swear, one of these days, Motorola is going to take to the streets and offer folks sexy, elegant, unique slabs of silicon for free.

Via [Android Police]

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