Microsoft promo slashes Dell Venue 8 Pro, Lenovo Miix 2 and Toshiba Encore prices

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Dell-Venue-8-ProThe holidays are long gone, and with them Microsoft’s incredible generosity to Windows 8 tablet buyers. Wait a minute, that’s not exactly right, as an assortment of Win-powered slates is discounted via Microsoft’s online store again.

Granted, the prices aren’t as unbelievably low as last month, when the Dell Venue 8 Pro was available for a little while for $99, but if you’re in the market for a beefy portable computer, especially one with a smaller than 10-inch diagonal, listen up.

Dell’s Venue 8 Pro is possibly the promo’s shiniest star this time around as well, going for $229 ($70 off) in a 32 GB variation, and $299 ($50 off) with 64 GB built-in storage. The somewhat similar Lenovo Miix 2, which however promises extra battery juice, costs $249 (down from $299), as does the Toshiba Encore, which for some reason was initially evaluated at $329 by its makers. Good thing they had a change of heart, eh?

Meanwhile, the spacious but aging 11.6-inch Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T has seen its price slashed in half, from $699 to $349, whereas the 10.1-inch ATIV Tab 3 offers roughly $200 savings as it costs $499.

Sounds like there’s truly something for everybody here, including a 10.8-inch Full HD Dell Venue 11 Pro at $499 ($50 off), and gaming-oriented Razer Edge 10.1-inch powerhouse at $999 (down from $1,299). Now let’s hope Microsoft intends to make the deals permanent, since there’s no expiration date in sight.

Via [Microsoft]

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