meMINI Kickstarter Campaign: Genius or Needless?

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Sam Lee, the founder of Wanaka’s Snow Park ski facility, is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project called meMINI, “a wearable camera with the gift of hindsight”. Basically, this camera magnetically attaches to your shirt and captures loop footage of 5 seconds to 5 minutes to be saved straight your smartphone where you can choose the magical moments you want to keep and which to discard.

The meMINI

The meMINI

The idea behind this wearable gadget is to capture those fleeting, magical moments that would have otherwise been lost forever to the sands of time. The concept is really, super good. The execution seems really, super on the fence.

The design is too big and bulky. You can see from the campaign page’s video that the design isn’t huge, but it isn’t quite wearable size, either. The camera is supposed to attach to your shirt and nonchalantly chill there on your chest all day, but that’s kind of unrealistic. Have you touched women’s clothing lately? We get sheer fabrics and lightweight “layerable” clothing that forces us to purchase more clothing. The entire industry is a scam! This thing will stretch most of my shirts to the point that the device will sag to my belly button and probably face the ground.

The campaign asks for only $50,000, but requests $150,000 for a “slimmer and lighter design”. Maybe they’ll achieve that.

Google Glass already solved this problem, and they did it better. Although Google Glass is yet to be released to the public, we know that we can pretty much expect the device to arrive quickly and go mainstream within a reasonable amount of time. The glasses are advertised with a feature that will take a video instantly on command. Is this product really going to survive the generation of Google Glass? Is hindsight worth the purchase of another product? Will Google Glass just add a hindsight feature, anyway?

I will never remember to put this on. On an average day, I probably won’t think to attach the meMINI to myself in the morning. I’m sure a million moments will be missed as they always were but with an added element of self-loathing courtesy of the hindsight miracle sitting worthlessly in my bedroom.

On a positive note, witnesses to crimes will be a whole lot more reliable. If you see a guy dart out of a bank carrying a sack with a dollar sign on the side, you’ll probably hit the meMINI “recall” button, which will solve a whole bundle of problems in the court date that you’ll inevitably be summoned to.

Overall, this product seems like a one-feature pony. With smartphones that capture a moment where the only wasted time is the time it takes you to pull it from your pocket and push (or slide) one button, it’s possible that the device is superfluous in general. That didn’t stop it from getting funded, though. Maybe it’ll surprise me.

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