Samsung ZEQ 9000: Is this the first Tizen smartphone?

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Mid 2013 we mentioned that the first Samsung Tizen phone would be delayed until Q4 of 2013 but nothing was unveiled. The last time we talked about it, we said it would sport a 720p screen, a Snapdragon CPU, and 4G LTE. Where is it now? Nothing official yet from the Korean giant, just this sighting of a ZEQ9000–believed to be the first Tizen phone. It could also be known as the ZEQ (or Zeke) based on the image.

This could just be a render too. The smartphone looks like any other Samsung phone. Zeke’s specs include 4.8-inch HD display and a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. Don’t worry, the Mobile World Congress is less than a month from now so we’ll know soon enough.

< Source: PhoneArena >

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