Buck the V-Day Trend With the Gift of DASH7 Speaker In Red

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Soundmatters LogoValentine’s Day is one of those days that can be a bit hard to win. The commercialization of this particular day leads people to believe that flowers, hearts, and chocolates are the way to go. But then there’s that backlash of dead plants, overindulgence of rosy colors, and sweets that go straight to the hips and thighs. Who wants that kind of drama?

Personally, I view Valentine’s Day as a day to honor close relationships. Single? Well then honor yourself for not settling just so you can “buy in” to the festivities. Treat yourself to something better and you won’t be disappointed.

DASH7 Bluetooth speaker handHowever, if you really want to step outside of the norm for V-Day gift-giving, Soundmatters just announced their latest product with lovers and sweethearts in mind. Their DASH7 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker is now available in vibrant red to commemorate the day.

The DASH7 could possibly be the slimmest, lightest speaker to pair with mobile smartphones and tablets. It takes portable to an entirely new meaning. Although small, this high-end audio is meant for audiophiles and anyone else who lives and loves by music daily. One can’t not be impressed with hi-fi sound from something the size of your palm.

DASH7 Bluetooth speaker redJust because it’s red, sleek, and sexy doesn’t mean it can’t be for guys too. Love goes both ways! The red with black color scheme coordinates with many devices and looks sharp enough for a business environment too.

The DASH7 comes with a combo case and stand, which provides an ideal listening setup for when you’re on the go. Sure, it’ll fit in purses, but this is absolutely pocket-sized too.

So profess your love as deep as the bass from the high-performance DASH7 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker. You can order it now from and other online retailers.

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