Google adds prescription lenses to Google Glass

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If you sport prescription glasses, but want to take them to the next level, you’re in luck. Google has announced that Google Glass frames will be compatible with prescription lenses. Seeing as it was the most requested feature, I can’t say I’m all that surprised that Google conceded.

Google Glass prescription lenses

Google is also trying to provide some more stylish options for Google Glass by introducing new titanium frames and sunglasses for the wearable tech. And what could possibly be cooler than Google Glass sunglasses? Well, I can think of a couple things.

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Four new titanium frames were introduced on Monday which are called Split, Thin, Curve and Bold.

In terms of pricing, the prescription lenses will cost buyers an additional $225 in addition to the $1,500 price tag for the standard Glass headset, according to CNET. The two new tinted shades called Classic and Edge are available for $150.

Google’s Glass team confirmed the reasoning for the prescription lenses:

“If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass… well, we’d have a lot of nickels.”

Google also announced that Google Glass would be covered by Vision Care Insurer VSP.

So, does this convert any of you to potential Google Glass buyers?

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