Nokia Lumia 1820, 1520V (aka Mini) and 1525 with Windows Phone 8.1 expected at MWC

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Lumia1820Remember the obscure Twitter “leaker” that unveiled the purported specs and features of the so-called Lumia 1525 and 1820, Nokia’s rumored next-gen flagship devices? You do? Then you probably also remember how we deemed the guy’s “scoop” as unsubstantiated hearsay, based on his non-existent reputation.

Well, as it turns out, @NextLeaks may have been onto something after all, as Taiwanese online publication Digitimes backs part of the claims, adding a few details to the mix. So as the Asians see it, after consulting with their notorious “handset supply chain” sources, Nokia will look to take next month’s Mobile World Congress by storm.

Not one, not two, but three new Nokia-made phones are expected on display at MWC 2014, Android-running Normandy not included. In fact, if this story pans out, I think a February debut for the “Nokia X” is completely out of the question.

Why? Because an introduction alongside the Lumia 1820, 1520V and 1525 beasts wouldn’t do anyone any favors, splitting the media attention between Windows and Android-powered hardware.

Unfortunately, there’s at least one tidbit making today’s report smell fishy, namely the alleged packing of the Lumia 1820 with a Snapdragon 805 SoC. That would be amazeballs, only it’s not possible, since the earliest Qualcomm can ship the groundbreaking new chip is sometime in May.

Truth be told, I’m not so sure Windows Phone 8.1 is ready for an official intro either, as numerous tipsters, some much more reliable than Digitimes, have hinted at late Q2 as an ETA for Microsoft’s upgraded mobile OS.

So probably no Lumia 1820 in February, no WP 8.1, though Lumia 1520V/Mini and 1525 announcements could definitely be in the cards. Stay tuned and you’ll find out here first.

Via [Digitimes]

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