Wirelessly Charge Smartphones With Ark Portable Wireless Battery

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If you’re very active on your smartphone throughout the day, additional charging periods are likely a habit by now. I, personally, use my smartphone for work, music, shopping, social, and everything in between. Using up energy anywhere between 6200mAh to 14000mAh is a norm for me, be it from a wall outlet or external batteries.

External battery packs are preferred, since I tend to more around a lot with my busy schedule. But despite the convenience of portability, there’s still a cord acting like a leash. With everything going wireless these days, why can’t an external battery pack also be wireless?

Ark Wireless Charger Battery blackWell that’s what the team behind the Ark Portable Wireless Charger likely felt as well. The Ark takes mobile power solutions into a new direction by providing wireless charging with Qi-certified devices. Charging your smartphone is just as easy as setting it down on top of the Ark.

This wireless charger battery covers pretty much what we would want and expect to have. The 4-inch square shape provides a stable base to rest smartphones on, yet it’s compact enough to slide in a pocket, briefcase, or bag. The Ark plans to have a 5200mAh battery, which is good for an additional 2-3 charges for most smartphones out on the market.

Even though the Ark can charge wirelessly, it comes with an additional USB port so you can cable-charge an additional smartphone or accessory. The intelligent circuitry inside determines when to automatically stop charging once a connected device is full. Users can expect to get the standard 5V/1A output from both the USB port and wireless pad at the same time.

Right now, the Ark is supporting the most popular devices including the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, and a few others. The team is likely to expand upon the support for more models of smartphones.

A lot of thought and description has gone into the Ark Kickstarter project. Check out their page and read through their thought processes. The Ark will be available in choice of white or black.


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  • Haiix

    This one looks pretty think. I have a RavPower Qi wirless charger and I just love how tiny it is with an embedded cable design.