ICE Unlock Gives Android Phones Real Fingerprint Security

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They’ve been around for awhile, whether we’ve seen them in action or just from browsing through categories of apps. I’m talking about those fingerprint scanner Android apps. They’re more of a gag than actual security, pretending to scan users’ fingers in order to permit access.

These apps unlock by way of a series of button presses: volume, home, power, or a combination thereof. They can be fun, as some of these apps go through great lengths to simulate some futuristic scanning technology that the smartphone absolutely does not have.

ICE Unlock App fingerBut if you’re really interesting in having fingerprint scanning security for your Android smartphone, you can wonder no more. Diamond Fortress Technologies has launched their ICE Unlock app for Android. This app doesn’t require any additional hardware, as it uses your smartphone’s camera to verify your identity without any touch sensors.

The setup is simple, as the app steps you through it and shows how. Users are also prompted to set up a pin in case of emergencies or when the camera might be a bit fickle.

ICE Unlock destroys the image of your fingerprint after a template of it is made, which is then encrypted and stored on the smartphone.

The scanning is reasonably precise, in that you need to capture the same area as what’s stored in your phone. Orientation matters too, as the app won’t recognize the same finger if it’s pointing in the opposite direction.

So if you want to add some biometric security to your Android smartphone, hit up the Google Play Store for a free download of the ICE Unlock app.

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