Moto X available now in UK via Phones4u, January 30 through Clove

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Moto X UKAll hail Motorola, probably the only Android device manufacturer not just capable of meeting deadlines, but also often preceding them. They’ve done that recently with Moto G’s US release, its Android 4.4 update, Moto X’s own KitKat bump, and now with X’s European rollout. You gotta love their commitment and sense of urgency.

Available stateside since last August and at first not intended for other markets, the Moto X can be had on British shores via Phones4u in SIM-free and Pay As You Go flavors, as well as with contracts from a number of carriers.

The pricing structure is far from ideal, especially compared with how things stand in the US, but at the end of the day there are options for all budgets. You can thus get the 4.7-incher free of charge upfront, with Vodafone, Orange or EE pacts and monthly plans ranging from £25 to £34 ($41 – $56).

Meanwhile, the PAYG Moto X is £379.95 ($630), and the version completely free of restrictions £10 north, so a total of roughly $645. Mind you however, if on-contract is not the way you want to go, it’s best to hold off until tomorrow, January 30, when Clove kicks off X shipments.

Or commit to the retailer already by pre-ordering one of these Moto-made, KitKat-running bad boys for just £330 (VAT included) outright. It’s a lot more lucrative, though on the not so bright side, Clove has but the black model around, white being the exclusive shade of Phones4u at the moment. Not an easy decision to make, eh?

Via [Clove] and [Phones4u]

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