Sony PlayStation Vita Slim to hit the shelves in the UK on February 7th for £180

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PS Vita SlimSony unveiled a slimmer version of their portable gaming console, the Sony PlayStation Vita Slim, last year in Japan, and it seems the console will hit retail in the UK next month for £180. Sony has teased the device a few times in the past few weeks, and it seemed a little obvious that it will hit the shelves on European shores.

If you’re interested in getting yourself Sony PlayStation Vita Slim, the pre-orders of the console have already kicked off in the UK, with February 7th to be the date when this miniature console will hit the shelves.

Compared to the original PlayStation Vita console, this version is 20 percent slimmer and weighs only 219 grams, which is a lighter than the original console that weighed 260 grams. Additionally, the new PlayStation Vita Slim will come with a USB charger and not its proprietary charger, with 1GB of storage included.

Ben Law, senior product manager of PlayStation UK, also revealed that an indie games pack will also launch, which will come with ten games (such as Thomas was alone, Limbo, Hotline Miami and more) and a 40GB memory card. The pack would retail for just £20.

This sounds good enough to me, and makes a lot sense. Sony’s slimmer console was available in Japan and expanding it to other regions should boost the sales of the console, considering its price. What do you think?

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