Android 4.4 rolling out to all HTC One North American versions by mid-February

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HTC-One-Kit-KatListen up, North American HTC One owners, as we have some information of interest. Good news disguised as bad probably sums it up best, as Jason Mackenzie, the head honcho of HTC Americas, has followed up on recent reports about the One scoring the highly anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat update in Europe.

According to the exec, the One makers are not in a position to deliver on their self-imposed deadline from a while back, but they won’t “miss it by much”. Specifically, the 4.7-incher is not due for the chocolaty software bump by January 31 (it’s the 30th, so we kind of had that figured out), instead having to wait an extra “one to two weeks” (so until February 15, at the latest).

Again, this is certainly good news, as long as HTC doesn’t back down and carry out further delays. Besides, it’s particularly encouraging because it suggests the OTAs on various networks will for once roll out quickly and promptly in lieu of the “gradual” bs Android users often need to endure.

Mind you, Mackenzie’s announcement mentions North America as a whole, not only the States, so our friends up north shall rejoice in addition to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers. Right, so stop apologizing, HTC. You might just do something right for a change. Your move, Samsung.

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