HTC accidentally outs low-end, low-cost Desire 310 quad-core smartphone

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htc-desire-310Look at that, HTC has something other than the long-rumored M8 high-end smartphone in the pipeline too, though the Desire 310 is nothing to write home about. In fact, it’s completely lackluster hardware-wise, plus awfully familiar for some reason.

Inexplicable déjà vu? More like nonsensical branding and marketing, as the Desire 310 is an almost exact carbon copy of last year’s Desire 300. Let’s start with what’s different, as it’s a lot easier to sum up.

Basically, two tidbits. One, the Desire 310 is slightly larger, at 4.5 inches (vs. 4.3 the 300), so naturally, also a little heavier (140 vs. 120 grams). Thicker too, at 11.2 mm, albeit that’s not a direct and logical consequence of the screen size increase.

Number two, HTC’s latest low-end lower mid-range effort doubles down on the CPU’s cores, also upping the ante in clock speed. So the 310 is a 1.3 GHz quad-core affair. Mediatek affair, to be specific, so the raw performance is not quite cutting-edge. Decent, but certainly not high-end material.

Enough distinctions for today, as both the Desire 300 and 310 pack 512 MB RAM, 4 GB on-board storage, and Flash-less 5 MP cams. The display resolution is roughly identical as well, at 480 x 800 give or take a few pixels, whereas on the software side of things Android 4.2 Jelly Bean runs the show across the board.

On the bright side, Desire 310’s extra bulk comes with a bit of added battery juice (2,000 mAh), so ultimately if HTC prices it correctly, it could sell… in emerging markets. Too bad there’s no ETA, since the announcement was the result of a blunder, corrected but not wiped clean in the meantime. Secrecy is pointless, HTC, so out with the availability info already.

Via [Phone Arena]

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