10-Inch Lenovo Miix 2 convertible tablet up for grabs now starting at $500

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Lenovo Miix 2Are Lenovo’s tablets and tab/laptop hybrids not doing very well, or is the leading player of the PC market just feeling more charitable than usual? Whatever it is, we can take advantage, and score the 8-inch Miix 2 for $250, Android-running Yoga 8 at $200, and now the 10-inch Miix 2 starting at $499.

This last big guy has actually gone up for grabs a measly couple of days ago, so to see it discounted already is really something. Again though, why ask questions when you can make awesome deals?

True, $500 is still a lot to ask for a conventional slate. But the Miix 2 10 is not conventional. Not even close, as it touts a detachable keyboard and three possible work modes: laptop, tablet and stand. Productivity for the win!

The $499 model, shipping in 3 days from, packs 64 GB of storage, runs Windows 8.1 out the box and its autonomy is rated at 8 hours on a single charge. In theory. In reality, it should be more along the lines of 6.5 hours. 7, tops.

But hey, the 1,920 x 1,200 IPS display is a slam dunk, as is the quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 “Bay Trail” chip and 2 GB RAM. The same goes for the 128 GB option, available for $600 and shipping “within 1-3 weeks”. Christmas? Every day is Christmas for Lenovo buyers.

Via [Lenovo]

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