Unannounced Samsung SM-T330 crops up, fits the profile of a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

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Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-3.8.0It’s no secret Samsung plans to bolster its tablet lineup even more (as in beyond the Galaxy Tab and Note Pros recently rolled out), but until today, we had no idea exactly how grand the company’s designs were.

As per Indian import data and Bluetooth SIG certification papers, an 8-inch thing model numbered SM-T330 may land soon, possibly alongside the SM-T530 leaked out last week. But what exactly are these slates? No one knows for sure, however the best guess is Super AMOLED-toting fourth-gen Galaxy Tabs. Or, you know, fifth-gen.

To be branded as Galaxy Tab 4 nevertheless. Just to recap, three Galaxy Tabs 3 and two Notes (not counting phablets) launched in 2013, followed by an additional three GTabs and a GNote at CES. And a GTab 3 Lite soon after.

And yet there’s still room for two more. Or so its creators think. My two cents? Either the Galaxy Tab Pros shouldn’t have existed, or the SM-T330/SM-T530 duo. It’s simply going to get too crowded for everyone. And no, AMOLED technology is not enough to call the Tabs 4 real upgrades.

Unless they also bring something else to the table. Maybe Snapdragon 805 chips? “True” octa-core 64-bit Exynos power? It might be a stretch, but a boy can certainly hope, can’t he?

Via [Phone Arena]

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