Achvr App Promotes Fulfilling Bucket List Goals Socially

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Achvr logoEvery once in awhile we come across those people who seem to have done so much in their life, especially for their (relatively) young age. Grandiose experiences such as trips to other countries, base jumping, or swimming with dolphins tend to gather oohs and aahs from the listening audience. But if you talk longer and more in-depth, you may also find that these individuals have done so much more.

Such things as taking a painting class, volunteering with a local community, or doing something completely new and out of one’s element, while not necessarily exciting, can be far more personal and rewarding.

Achvr appThat is the concept behind the free iOS app Achvr. Achvr provides a means for users to create and check off bucket list items, but with social and rewarding aspects as well. Achvr just launched their site and app last October, and it has been gaining in popularity since.

Setting goals tends to be easier said than done. How many times have we skipped going to the gym alone because of [insert any and every reason possible, legitimate or not]? Exactly.

Achvr provides a means for users to compare goals and achievements with friends. Not only does this provide encouragement and support, but it’s a great way to discover new experiences that interest or challenge.

Achvr has over 12,000 bucket list items built into the platform, which should be more than enough to satiate even the most ambitious.

Achvr websiteThe app has a deals section, which points users to discounts located on the web that would help toward achieving particular goals. The versus mode and missions features add competitive and game elements to the app for added fun and encouragement.

Ultimately, Achvr is about personal growth and getting the most out of one’s life, which is more fun when others are involved. Don’t just daydream about the things you’d love to do – achieve it! Starting February 1st, Achvr is awarding $100 to a lucky winner each week in the “52 in 52 Challenge.” See if you, too, can commit to having 52 new experiences over this next year, and not let life pass you by.

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