10 Best Customized Headphones By Individual Artists

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Remember when earbuds solved the chunky headphone problem and the world rejoiced? Well, I guess we’re over that, because giant headphones that offer more substantial sound are the thing, again. What’s more, artists everywhere have honed their creative talent to create some of the coolest customized headphones you’ll ever see.

There are a lot of websites that allow you to customize a set of headphones to your color and design preferences, such as Skullcandy and ColorWare, but hand-made customizations are the only way to appeal to your inner hipster. Some of these designs are downright works of art.

-Esty store user kechtupize is one of the more impressive stops for amazing customized headphones. This pair of hand-painted [easyazon-link asin=”B004WODP20″ locale=”us”]Sony MDRZX100[/easyazon-link] headphones is perfect for Whovians! The phones depict a TARDIS and a Dalek and, frankly, I don’t care what kind of headphones they are because any piece of Doctor Who work that looks that amazing needs to be in my possession.


-My personal favorites are these from Etsy store user IcyCouture, where you can get anything and everything bejeweled! Hell to the yeah! This blinged out version of [easyazon-link asin=”B00E9262IE” locale=”us”]BEATS by Dre[/easyazon-link] headphones is also rainbow and fades from color to color. That is some serious dedication to bling.


-Etsy store user/custom case designer yykawaii specializes in 3D designs. These 3D headphones are made to look like candy! How sweet! Obviously this design is created for a very specific niche but we all know there are enough Bronies running around on the internet to buy up this designer’s entire stock.


-These headphones are all cool, so far, but Deviant Art user DJ-JFUNK took it to a whole new level. These light-up Iron Man Ark reactor [easyazon-link asin=”B0002EXJPM” locale=”us”]Technics RP-DH1200[/easyazon-link] headphones are basically the coolest things to ever come out of the internet. Impressive, sir!


-Ready for some nightmares? Good, because Deviant Art user Bobsmade has created everybody’s worst nightmare of a fashion statement with these Hannibal Lector hand-painted headphones. One side depicts Hannibal and the other, Clarice. Clariiiiice. [Shivers].


-These hand-painted [easyazon-link asin=”B0030IY17C” locale=”us”]Urbanears[/easyazon-link] Poke-phones come from our old friend ketchupize. I’ve seen a lot of attempts at Poke-phones and not many people can perfect the acrylic paint. Gotta wear ‘em all!


-Etsy store user TheNird made a beautiful set of [easyazon-link asin=”B004WODP20″ locale=”us”]Sony MDR-ZX100[/easyazon-link] headphones that will literally let you walk around with your head in the clouds. The design is based on an image taken by the Hubble telescope that give me existential crises.


-It’s Adventure Time!  Etsy store user alycenwonderland hand-painted a pair of headphones to depict the Flame Princess and Finn both smiling and blushing. Awh! I don’t care who you are. If you’ve seen an episode of Adventure Time, you’re lying to yourself if you say you didn’t like it enough to want to wear these.


Sherbie Lemon customizes shoes and accessories with designs that, honestly, make me swoon. These cute cupcake headphones are hand-painted and absolutely adorable. Detail like that takes skill, people!


Bobsmade apparently doesn’t just ruin people’s day with Hannibal, but brightens it up with “The Little Mermaid”! These hand-painted mermaid-phones aren’t exactly the Disney version of our favorite half-fish, but I choose to see what I want to see, and that’s Ariel!


Knowing that I can purchase amazing headphones and wear a piece of art around on my head makes me so happy! Accessories like these are opening up a whole new window of opportunity for artists. Suddenly, custom color combinations via the headphone company’s home site don’t seem so snazzy, anymore. True art from a true artist is the only way to get your money’s worth.

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