Microsoft Offering $100 Store Credit to “Ditch” Your PS3

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Microsoft Promotion
Microsoft is running a promotion for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico from January 23rd – March 2 that offers PS3 and Xbox 360 owners to recycle their old consoles. As a reward they get $100 of credit toward the Microsoft store.

The news originally broke on the NeoGaf forums when a member saw the above image while visiting Microsoft’s website. It’s an enticing offer, as the trade-in value for an Xbox 360 (320GB S Model) or PS3 (500GB) at GameStop is only $85 or $100, respectively. Though, if you decide to brave Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist, you’ll likely fetch anywhere from $50 to $100 more for your used unit (depending on storage space, condition, and model).

Glossing over the fine print, you’ll also find you can’t just drop a bum console on the counter and expect $100. The Xbox 360 or PS3 “must power on and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage, cannot be password protected, and include original chargers/accessories.” Furthermore, [easyazon-link asin=”B00D9EPI38″ locale=”us”]Xbox 360[/easyazon-link] trade-ins are limited to the newer S and E models–no originals.

Another portion of the promotion’s fine print that raises questions is the bit stating, “To receive maximum trade in value, you must purchase an Xbox One at the same time.” So, does that mean you get less than the advertised amount if you just take the money and purchase a PC instead?

Even if an Xbox One purchase is required, how many Xbox 360 and PS3 owners would part with their consoles full of games for something else that doesn’t even have GTA V? As an Xbox 360 owner I still have more Games for Gold to look forward to and that alone is enough reason to not trade up. But what about you, does this offer entice you in the least? If not, what would be the right offer to trade in your old system for an Xbox One? Sound off in the comments below.

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