Diminutive version of HTC One sequel (M8 mini) coming… someday

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HTC-One-MiniBecause even the life of a world-renowned mobile technology tipster can’t be glamorous all the time and has to have its off days, the latest tip from Twitter serial leaker @evleaks suggests an HTC M8 mini is in the works. Captain Obvious reporting for duty?

Well, kind of, as it’s crystal clear this diminutive flagship movement is here to stay, and thus each and every major high-end release from Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony in 2014 is likely to be accompanied by a pint-sized copycat.

And since @evleaks has no specifics on the M8 mini (to be called One+ mini or One mini+), you’d think we’re dealing with a non-story. Not so fast. Our always reliable source of covert intel does disclose part of this little guy’s model number, namely 0P8B, so we know what to keep an eye on starting today.

0P8B, or 0P8B120. FCC listings, Bluetooth SIG, import data, benchmarks, they could all deliver precious information as to the specs and features of the M8 mini. Maybe even availability hints of some kind.

Our current guesstimate? Assuming the One+ debuts at or around MWC, little bro should be due a couple of months or so later. So April. Worst case scenario, May. Features? Hard to say, but a 4.3-inch 720p display, quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip and 1 GB RAM is the least we can hope for. As in the bare minimum.

Via [Twitter]

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