Red Nexus 5 tipped for February 4 Google Play release, right on time for Valentine’s

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Nexus 5It’s not easy to find a mobile device these days that can help you really stand out from the crowd, as everyone copies from inspires everyone. There are however a few exceptions. Like Motorola’s woody Moto X. Or HTC’s all-metal One.

How about the red Google Nexus 5? What’s that, you had no idea such a model existed? Well, because it doesn’t. Yet. But the evidence is piling up and suggests not only the crimson 5-incher is in the pipeline. It’s also imminent.

Based on a supposed internal document of Sprint leaked out to the press earlier today, the launch is set for February 4. Nice timing, as Valentine’s is just ten days later. Oddly, the Now Network is not guaranteed to score the snazzy N5, and quite possibly, the handheld will roll out exclusively through Google’s Play Store.

Pricing? No one knows for sure, but since the black and white variants start at $349 outright, so should this thing. Any notable changes aside from the coat of paint on the chassis? Not likely. So what say you, fashionistas looking to attract attention? Does this tickle your fancy? Anybody thinking of purchasing one for a girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, aunt?

Via [Android Police]

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