Deal Alert: SIM-free Moto X drops to £300 in advance of actual UK launch

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moto_xMotorola (or is it Lenovorola now?) might ditch its iconic “Hello Moto” slogan for Lenovo’s lesser-known “For Those Who Do”, but a more fitting catchphrase would probably be “Always Surprising”. Copyright pending.

Just look at what they’ve done with software updates of late. Or promotions. And as far as the latter is concerned, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Clove UK has posted an announcement on its official blog earlier today, confirming the off-contract Moto X is now available for £30 less than before.

Doesn’t sound like such a big deal at first, but here’s the crazy part. The X only went up for grabs on British shores via Phones4u 48 hours ago, never actually shipping from Clove. As in not one single handheld.

So this is a discount carried out prior to the device’s release. Tell me that’s not one for the history books. Granted, in a way, Clove used the price cut as a camouflaging tactic for an unexpected 4-day delay of the commercial launch.

But four days, £30? Hell, why not push it back a little further and knock down an extra £30, Clove? We’d all be totally fine with waiting. That’s of course not going to happen, so starting Monday February 3 the Moto X ships for £299 ($492) a pop.

What’s that, you ordered it at £330 and now are thinking about torching Clove’s HQ? Relax, they’ll reimburse you the 30 quid. Such nice blokes.

Via [Clove Blog]

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