Motorola’s 2015 roadmap unaltered by Lenovo purchase, may include smartwatch

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Motorola-Lenovo-GoogleI can almost still hear the gasps, sighs, huffs and puffs expressed by Android aficionados after Lenovo’s purchase of Google-owned Motorola was announced. A feeling of extreme unease towers above the entire mobile landscape, as no one really knows what Lenovo’s intentions for Moto are.

Noble would be the logical answer, and most pundits and insiders seem to suggest not much change is on the horizon. For one thing, because the deal is far from completion, as regulatory processes might take up to a year. Maybe more.

As such, Motorola can’t sit idly by while its rivals upgrade, refresh and rehash product lineups, so before Lenovo steps in to do its thing, a Moto X sequel should be in store, along with a smartwatch and possibly a high-end 6-inch phablet known on the down low as the Xplay. The first, likely by the end of this year, the other two in 2015.

Unfounded speculation? Maybe, though the tipsters delivering the “goods” have the right connections to at least make some educated guesses. And while we’re on the subject, no, Lenovo doesn’t plan to greatly reform Motorola once it gets full control either.

The brand will be untouched, customizable phones is a good idea as per Lenovo too, affordability likewise. So no more anguish, doom and gloom, a’ight?

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