Apple experimenting with other charging methods, solar charging for iWatch?

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I can’t wait for Apple to unveil its official smartwatch. The Nano-turned-into-a-watch must have given the tech industry an idea but the Cupertino company has yet to launch its very own product. We’ve seen concepts and heard a number of rumors already: LG working on the watch display, display size will be 1.5-inch, and it will launch this 2014. We also know it will be focused on fitness and health because Apple hired Nike FuelBand Expert Jay Blahnik last August.
The recent information we’ve heard is that the smartwatch can be charged wirelessly, thanks to inductive charging technology. It’s relatively new but a few smartphones are capable of such already. It will be very interesting when Apple finally includes the said feature not just in smartwatches but also in iPhones and MacBooks. Right now, there’s the Nokia Lumia 920 and Google Nexus 4 available with inductive charging tech.

If and when Apple’s iWatch can do inductive charging, it will be the first among small gadgets. Rumor has it that inductive charging is just one method and Apple is experimenting on other charging methods– solar charging included.

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