Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo’s European price is a match for original Note 3

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note-3-neoAs if it wasn’t clear already the tech world didn’t need a diminutive, downgraded version of the outstanding Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the recently unveiled Note 3 Neo has just been priced in Germany. And even the most loyal Samsung “fanboys” will find this hard to explain.

€499 for the 3G-only model and €529.90 with LTE+ speeds?!? Notebooksbilliger must be kidding. That’s $675 and $715 respectively and, get this, it’s almost as much as the online retailer charges for the original Note 3.

Specifically, the 32 GB variant with LTE starts at €508 ($686), so if we compare it with a Note 3 Neo packing similar connectivity options, it’s actually cheaper. 12 lousy bucks north of the 3G 5.5-incher.

Mind you, there’s really no way for Sammy to spin it like the Neo is an upgrade, since it’s 0.2 inches smaller, has a 720p panel in tow (vs. 1,080p), 1 GB RAM less, half the built-in storage, and a slightly more modest 8 MP rear-facing camera.

Furthermore, the 3G version packs quad-core 1.6 GHz heat, which is light years away from Note 3’s 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800, and the LTE Neo comes flavored with a unique hexa-core chip. Unique, but not quite unrivaled in actual raw speed, as all signs point to it being on-par with the S800, at best.

So again, are ze Germans kidding? No, they are not, however it’s good to keep in mind the Note 3 Neo is not officially released anywhere in the world, and the premium is definitely connected with the limited availability aspect. Bottom line, expect it much cheaper in a few weeks.

Via [GSM Arena]

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