Nokia exec allegedly confirms ‘Normandy’ will be part of the Asha family

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Nokia-NormandyGet those salt shakers within reach, all ye rumormongers, as some hot Nokia Normandy-related gossip has emerged online. Apparently, a senior executive officer with the company’s Indian branch, under the protection of anonymity, confirmed not only the phone’s existence and imminent commercial release, but also part of its market name.

No, it’s not Nokia X after all. It’s Asha… something. Maybe Asha 1045. Definitely a number combo to suggest higher-end specs than the Asha 500s. But wouldn’t that be a little misleading, since current devices in the entry-level handheld series run the minimalist Asha software platform, and this Normandy should be powered by Android?

Well, yes, a little, however that may be Normandy’s actual point. The blurring of the lines between traditional Ashas and Androids so as fans of the latter can get gradually adapted to the former. Pretty cunning plan, eh?

Let’s just see if it works. Actually, let’s see if it exists first, as the online publication claiming to have got the scoop from Nokia’s mysterious head honcho is, well, obscure and thus not infallible.

Assuming it’s the real deal, the “source” also revealed the Android-powered Asha can indeed accommodate two SIM cards at once, and its Indian commercial launch is slated for March. Specs? Nothing new under the sun there, as a 4-inch WVGA display, dual-core 1.2 GHz SoC, 512 MB RAM and 5 MP camera gain more and more credence by the day.

Via [Go Android]

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