Sony Xperia Z Ultra sequel with ‘smaller’ screen and tab trio tipped for MWC

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Sony Xperia Z UltraStop the presses, hold on to your hats and forget about Samsung and HTC’s upcoming Galaxy S5 and HTC One Plus (Two?). Sony may ultimately steal everyone’s thunder at this month’s Mobile World Congress, as the “Sirius”, aka Z1 follow-up, is unlikely to fly solo to Barcelona.

Not even close, as a Z Ultra sequel and mysterious tablet trinity are today making the rumor rounds. The Z2 Ultra, or however it ends up being called, will allegedly go a little smaller on screen real estate this time around, as it tries to more clearly set itself apart from conventional slates.

So we’re looking at a 6.2, maybe 6-incher, with Full or Quad HD resolution, possibly a souped-up battery (Z Ultra’s was pretty terrible), as well as water and dust protection. Any evidence to support all that? Just the word of a few insiders who’ve been right before.

It’s unclear though if the Z2 Ultra is indeed prepped for an MWC intro, as its predecessor is a measly six months old, but the good news is if Sony delays its launch, it might use the extra time to swap Z Ultra’s Snapdragon 800 SoC for an improved S805.

As for the three Xperia tablets, either they’ll be slightly different variations of the same standard 10-inch model, or 7, 8 and 10-inchers taking a page from Samsung’s playbook. At least one 10-incher is nevertheless set in stone, codenamed “Castor” and destined to follow in Xperia Tablet Z’s footsteps.

Via [RB Men] and [Esato Forum]

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