WSJ confirms Tizen struggles, MWC previews of prototypes

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Tizen-DeadHasta la vista and good luck in the afterlife, Tizen, we hardly knew you. Actually, we didn’t know the operating system at all as it never left testing to run on an officially released product. Is there still hope for what Samsung once duped us into calling the biggest threat for the mobile market’s Android-iOS duopoly?

Depends on your definition of “hope”. One or two Tizen-based smartphones are still believed to be due for test runs in stores later this year, but unless a miracle happens (or a disaster for Android), the project will be aborted once and for all soon after.

Why? According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s partners just don’t see a demand for a third OS. And even if there’s a place under the sun for something else, it’s probably reserved to Windows Phone.

Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and France’s Orange are the latest major carriers to pull their support for the “cause”, both in the eleventh hour and, officially, not for good. But on the down low, they’re not keen on looking back.

Nor are several of the hardware manufacturers initially involved in Tizen development. Basically, that reportedly leaves just Samsung and ZTE in the sinking boat, and the ZEQ 9000 and Geek as the sole two candidates for the title of world’s first released Tizen device.

Expect the duo showcased at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month, possibly behind closed doors, and assuming they’re not ditched in the meantime, up on store shelves by the summer. Oh, what’s the use, just throw in the towel already, Samsung.

Via [Wall Street Journal]

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