Flappy Bird game coming to Windows Phone very soon

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Flappy Bird game coming to Windos Phone very soon

Tired with Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Candy Crush? There’s a new addictive game in town: Flappy Bird. I got to play the game on an iPad mini over the weekend and I must say it’s addicting just like Candy Crush. It’s the type that will get me stuck in bed with my iPhone for a whole day. It can be a bit annoying but I like the challenge. 

I’ve been hearing a lot of Android users say that the Flappy Bird game is easier to play on the Android. I have no idea why and how but I have no plans of checking it out as there’s no Android device in the house. For the Windows Phone users, don’t worry if you feel you can’t relate now because the mobile game is coming to your platform soon.

Its developer Dong Nguyen shared via Twitter that Microsoft has approved the game already and it will be available in 10 days. Windows Phone owners, you have a new time-waster soon. GET READY.

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