Samsung pencils in ‘Unpacked 5′ event for February 24, Galaxy S5 incoming?

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Samsung UnpackedCall Samsung’s marketing division however you will, but today, subtlety is not their defining characteristic. Confirming multiple reports flying around of late and debunking at least as many, the company has posted a rather evocative press event teaser on their official website earlier today.

The invite pinpoints the meeting’s date (Monday, February 24), its venue (Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona, or simply CCIB), and time (doors open at 6:30 PM CET, while the actual event begins at 8), lastly encouraging fans to tune in on the company’s YouTube channel for a live stream.

Nothing extra-revealing so far, but the juicy part lies in the name of the no doubt glitzy Mobile World Congress press affair: Unpacked 5. Why 5? Oh, come on, do I really need to spell it out for you?

Sure, it could be an innocent coincidence. Yet if memory serves us correctly, Samsung kicked these Unpacked occurrences into gear back in 2010, holding a couple every year since then. So if the “5” indicates chronology, it should be 8 or 9. Definitely at least 7.

Any other possible explanations, symbolist theories maybe? Nope, not really. So let’s officially start the countdown. 20 days to go until the Samsung Galaxy S5 is out. Excited? Browse through its purported specs and features and trust me, you will be.

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