Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro US pricing and availability announced

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Galaxy-Note-ProWell, well, well, it looks like Samsung won’t disregard North American fans as glaringly as usual in regard to availability of its spanking new high-end tablets, which are officially due stateside a week or two after their European debut.

Too bad they’ll be just as pricey in the US as on the old continent. And the 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro flavors are nowhere in sight.

Looking first and foremost on the bright side, Wi-Fi only versions of the Tab Pro 8.4, Tab Pro 10.1 and Note Pro 12.2 will be up for grabs via, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, PC Richard and Sons, Fry’s and Newegg starting February 13.

Want more good news? The trio can be pre-ordered already, from all those retailers. Now for the bad. The smallest, least technically impressive slate, the 8.4-inch Tab Pro, is $399.99 with 16 GB built-in storage. Ouch, that’s almost twice as much as Asus and Google’s Nexus 7 2013. It’s also more or less what Apple charges for the 16 GB iPad mini with Retina Display.

Meanwhile, the Tab Pro 10.1 is naturally even pricier, at $499.99, and the Note Pro 12.2 goes for a whopping $749.99 in a 32 GB variant and $849.99 with double the storage space. The Tab Pro 12.2? For some reason, it’s coming later, in March, at $649.99, complete with 32 GB memory.

No way can these gain a foothold in the mainstream tablet PC space, where it’s all about affordability. Can they?

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