Neutron S Mounts Apple, Android Mobile Devices Anywhere

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BungaJungle LogoAt CES 2014, there were a number of booths showcasing their new line of mounting equipment for mobile devices. Most were designed for one-handed operation, compatible with the majority of smartphones out there on the market. Some of them even boasted being able to handle large phones with thick, protective cases too.

Despite the utility and versatility for these car mounts and home stands, it still seemed like there were too many options and too much product mass. Nothing really catered to minimal yet effective.

Neutron S magnetic mountThe good news is that BungaJungle is back on Kickstarter with their latest mounting solution for virtually all tablets or smartphones. The Neutron S is a tiny square of anodized aluminum that is packed with neodymium magnets. It’s quick to mount yet also easy to remove.

Unlike other types of mounting systems, the Neutron S has no moving parts and won’t lose strength. Suction cups and mechanical vices suffer from wear and tear over time, and they’re susceptible to heat or dirt.

Each Neutron S comes with 3M VHB tape to mount it to surfaces. This is the same kind of tape that GoPro mounts their cameras with, so we know it’s the real deal. Once the magnet is in place, mounting happens with a disc the size of a penny. This disc can be attached either on the inside or outside of cases, and sticks right to the Neutron S with ease.

What makes the Neutron S special is that the magnets are shielded, preventing any harm or damage to electronic devices. The magnetic field is restricted to the disc only. They perfected this technology with their last Kickstarter project, which was very successful.

Even though this project is geared towards tablets and smartphones, I can think of other applications that are just as useful or fun. With the Neutron S in the kitchen, I can hang knives in easy reach without having to use screws or nails. Picture frames? No problem. And forget about using a key hook. How about hanging your keys with the power of magnets!

The Neutron S Kickstarter project is already overfunded with a little less than a month to go. You can get it in either silver or a svelte matte black.

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