Apple to use LG or Samsung batteries for the iWatch?

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Apple LG batteries

So we’re highly anticipating the arrival of the iWatch. We don’t even know if Apple is calling it the iWatch but we just know the Cupertino company is working on a smartwatch. We’re not expecting an iPod Nano watch follow-up but a real wearable tech device.

This early, analysts are projecting $17.5 billion in iWatch sales. That’s quite ambitious but I know Apple can make it happen. We’ve heard a number of rumors about it already including the possibility of charging via induction or solar and that LG Display would be manufacturing plastic OLEDs for the iWatch.

Just recently, we  heard that Apple will be using batteries from Samsung and LG. Not the curved one, just Li-on units but nothing’s certain yet. Apple will most probably use LG’s because it can fit in small devices. Aside from the two South Korean companies, Apple is also believed to be considering Tianjin Lishen Battery.

So which one will Apple use? They can use all three and test which one will give longer battery life. It’s for us to wait and be patient. The iWatch will come. Just. You. Wait.

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