Developers Scramble to Spearhead Apps for Nabu Smartband

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Razer-logoHealth- and fitness-related wearable tech captured quite the attention and imagination at CES 2014. Despite the positive focus of such gadgets, there are those who question the actual effectiveness of having these types of monitors on. Some don’t feel that the information, alone, is of much use.

They could be right. Oftentimes product hardware tends to be leaps and bounds ahead of the included software or app. But there’s one company who is prepared to make their wearable a long-term success by involving the community.

Razer, known as a leader in entertainment and gaming hardware and software, has recently announced that a horde of developers has attacked Razer’s Nabu smartband sign-up list within the first 24 hours of open enrollment. More than 10,000 individuals scrambled to get their names registered, and there are more entries arriving each day.

Razer Nabu smartbandsThis kind of support validates Razer’s decision to focus on the Razer Nabu smartband, which was unveiled last month at CES 2014. Despite the fact that the Nabu smartband is an entirely new category for Razer, it stood out and earned Engadget’s CES “People’s Choice” with over 50% of the popular vote.

Like other fitness trackers, the Razer Nabu smartband also collects bio data and communicates with connected devices. But it also adds a unique social component geared for finding people nearby, exchanging information, and even gaming-related goodness.

The Razer Nabu is built on an open platform. It probably doesn’t matter if this was decided before or after the the overwhelming demand by the development community to create apps for the Nabu. Either way, Razer is opening the doors for people to enhance and highlight user experiences with the Nabu smartband.

The Razer Nabu Software Development Kits are available to developers for only $49. Approved applicants can expect the kit to be shipped within a few weeks. If you’re interested in signing up for the development program, visit

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