Run Tools, Monitoring Apps On Vehicles With OBDLink MX WiFi

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Although there have been many new products to hit the shelves, and with more on the horizon, certain categories are showing some age. Portable speakers and mobile accessories are a couple of examples.

Always eager to find new ways to integrate tech and “smart” technology, manufacturers have been reaching out into new territory, not unlike a giant, benevolent kraken. Creating smart appliances seems to be the next target some manufacturers are ready to touch upon.

But what about our vehicles? Modern cars and trucks are loaded with technology goodness, and it’s sometimes easy to forget that amid the excitement and buzz surrounding the latest smartphones or tablets to arrive.

OBDLink MX WiFi appIf you want a new and different tool to add to your collection of gadgets, look no further than the OBDLink MX WiFi. This device plugs into your vehicle and lets you connect your Android, iOS, or Windows platforms in completely new and different ways.

Cars and trucks have a number of onboard computers that help to control the important parts of the vehicle. The OBDLink MX WiFi is able to access this network of computers for information, troubleshooting, tools, or fun tricks.

Auto repair shops already have something like this when diagnostics needs to be run. The difference is that the OBDLink MX WiFi fits in your pocket. With the right apps installed, this device can provide the same type of power and utility as a machine that’s over 10x as expensive.

OBDLink MX WiFi app screenshotsThe OBDLink MX WiFi plugs into the OBD port, which has been standard in all vehicles built from 1996 to the present. Once connected, you can check out trouble codes, create digital dashboards, or even monitor systems in real-time.

There are even apps out there that work with the OBDLink MX WiFi to remotely control windows or locks. Improve your driving habits and gas mileage, or make your car sound like a Ferrari.

The technology is based on the hugely successful OBDLink MX Bluetooth, which launched about three years ago.

Check out the OBDLink MX WiFi project on Kickstarter. They’ve got less than a month to go, but they’ve already surpassed the initial goal.

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