Sony lines up MWC press event for February 24, mystery new hardware incoming

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sony-mwc-2014February 24 is shaping up to be a big day for mobile technology, as that’s when Samsung most likely plans to introduce the Galaxy S5 to the world. But since the Mobile World Congress will also kick off that day, you can bet the farm on Sammy’s announcement being only the tip of the iceberg.

Sony has just confirmed it’ll be on the ground in Barcelona, Spain for MWC with something new and exciting too, albeit the company’s press invite is surprisingly bland and light on clues. True, we don’t have it in high quality, so we might be missing something, but from a distance, it looks like several youngsters are playing in the rain.

What does that have to do with whatever Sony intends to bring to light on February 24, at 8:30 CET? Probably, it’s a not so subtle hint water-protected smartphones and/or tablets are coming. Only we knew that already. Everyone did.

The question is will the Xperia Z2 debut, or a Z1 Plus? A ZL 2? Maybe a Z1 or Z2 Ultra? Surely an Xperia Tablet Z follow-up? Sorry, but there’s no way to answer any of those dilemmas. If you want a guesstimate or prediction, my hunch tells me a Tablet Z2 is indeed in the pipeline, along with a Z1 Plus. Not a full-fledged Z1 sequel though. It’s simply too soon.

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