Sony sells 10.7 million smartphones last Q3

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Sony ships 10.7 million smartphones in Q3Sony may not be the top smartphone manufacturer but it still is part of the mobile industry. The company recently released a financial report for Q3 2013 that says they sold about 10.7 million devices. Of the number, 700,000 units were Xperia phones. It’s an increase from the previous quarter but still fell short.

Increase in sales were obvious but still slow. Because of this, Sony also had to lower expectations for the year. From 42 million to 40 million which is an improvement from the 33 million target in 2012.

Perhaps Sony should rethink its strategy. Most Xperia phones in the US are unlocked. I think the numbers will improve if more people can freely access the phone. Xperia phones are good alternative to Samsung phones so Android fans will have more choices.

We’ll see after the Q4 financial reports are in if Sony has indeed reached the 40 million target for 2013. We’re crossing our fingers, Sony.

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