HTC confirms smartwatch work again, device rolling out by year-end

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HTC smartwatchFor a financially struggling mobile player that’s been off its game for a while now, HTC is sure getting plenty of media buzz lately, thanks mostly to the upcoming “M8” handheld. And a supposed next-gen high-end Nexus tablet.

But that’s not all the Taiwanese have in the pipeline for 2014. Remember the mystery smartwatch Bloomberg confirmed was real after contacting sources “in the know”? Well, now, its imminent arrival is set in stone, as per on-the-record comments from Cher Wang, co-founder and chairwoman of HTC Corporation.

Wang never specifically stated smartwatch development is close to a finish, but she did admit “many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables”, and one of these devices shall go on sale in time for this year’s Christmas shopping season.

So there’s really no doubt anymore, Santa Claus may stuff your stockings with an HTC One for your wrist. But let’s back up a little. What is it again that prevented HTC from rolling out the gizmo “years ago”?

Apparently, battery and LCD light problems. Makes sense, as autonomy is a big issue on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or similar devices, so let’s hope HTC’s extensive research and testing delivers a solution for battery life woes.

Also, it’d certainly help if the company were, I don’t know, not bankrupt by the time the One smartwatch goes official. So good luck, M8, for yourself and fellow HTC-made gadgets.

Via [Bloomberg]

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