Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to come with fingerprint scanner embedded in display

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Galaxy S5 fingerprintThe Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor flood simply can’t be stopped with less than three weeks left until the big MWC announcement, so instead of fighting it, let’s embrace it. After all, the chase is oftentimes better than the catch.

GS5’s purported full specs and features have come to light via multiple different sources with seemingly no connection between them, yet many key things are still question marks. Like the screen resolution, tipped as Full HD by some, and Quad HD by others.

The latest gossip? Quad HD (i.e. 2,560 x 1,440 pixels), as per the claims of an alleged Indian employee in a Samsung research & development center. More importantly, this so-called “insider” says the S5 is indeed coming with built-in fingerprint recognition, which, get this, is embedded in the actual display.

Translation: you’ll be able to unlock the “next big thing” by hovering your finger over any spot on the panel. Just like in sci-fi movies. So no, Sammy isn’t going to rip off Apple’s fingerprint sensor placement on the iPhone 5s, or the rudimentary implementation of the technology on HTC’s One max.

Instead, they’ll take things to a whole new level. Assuming the tipster is right. And he exists in the first place. Does he reveal any other juicy details? You bet. Apparently, the S5 will ditch hardware buttons for on-screen touch keys, pack Exynos and Snapdragon heat (the former internationally, latter stateside), 3 GB RAM, a 16 MP rear cam, and 3,200 mAh battery. If only…

Via [iTechAddict]

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