Go bold with Vindicator bags and cases, or GTFO

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Alienware LogoWhat do you get when you pair a leader of stylish bags/cases with a company known for high-end PC and laptop gaming systems? A lot of awesome, that’s what.

MobileEdge logoAlienware has teamed up with Mobile Edge to create a brand new series of laptop bags, designed exclusively for Alienware’s latest gaming laptops.

But who are they kidding? We’ll buy the bags and cases regardless. The new Vindicator series laptop bags, backpacks, and cases feature impressive protection while matching Alienware’s iconic design.

Alienware Vindicator slim caseThe overall design of the Vindicator line evokes a sense of stealth, defense, and urban industrialism. Mobile Edge worked with Alienware to get the angular design just right, but also to ensure that the new Vindicator bags have everything consumers have been wanting.

Alienware’s latest performance laptops – the Alienware 14, Alienware 17, and Alienware 18 systems – along with the Vindicator bags has been the result of listening and learning from customers.

Rest assured that every detail and feature had been thought out and planned. These Vindicator bags are designed to be sturdy, protective, yet comfortable to wear and carry.

Alienware Vindicator backpackThe interior organization provides the right amount of space for all the necessary accessories and mobile gear to go along with gaming systems. The bag exteriors feature weather-resistant material to make sure everything stays cool and dry.

What’s the point of having some great gear if you can’t back it up with an equally-impressive and stylish case or bag to match? The entire Vindicator line is available now at and

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