Tango Delivers Pocket-Size, PC-Quality Gaming and Productivity

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Tango LogoRecent online reports have indicated that the market is quickly nearing a saturation point for smartphones. We can assume that tablets are soon to follow that path.

It’s any wonder why the PC industry has been taking some serious licks over the past year or so, as consumers have been moving toward affordable yet highly-mobile devices.

Tango PC phoneAlthough tablets and smartphones are productive tools within their own rights, they can’t quite match the hardware and software prowess of a laptop or desktop system.

One company is looking to fill that void by creating a PC that has desktop functionality in a size not much larger than a smartphone.

The Tango PC is poised to be the world’s smallest computer that can handle the same stuff the big boys do: gaming, entertainment, productivity, all of it. With more power under the hood than the most recent generation of console systems, Tango PC is able to deliver stunning gameplay and graphics performance.

Photoshop? CAD? Solidworks? Tango PC can handle that too. In order to make this possible, the designers had to develop a patent-pending technology that’s inspired by the architecture used in space rockets by NASA. Tango PC will measure (approximately) 5 inches by 3 inches by 0.5 inch.

Tango PC handDespite the meager measurements, the Tango PC packs a 2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB to 8GB of DDR3-1600 laptop RAM, an integrated GCN GPU HD8400 for graphics, and 32GB to 512GB+ of SATA III mSATA SSD for storage.

Users can pick their favorite operating system, as the Tango PC works with any laptop PC compatible OS (Windows, Linux, Chrome, Steam, etc.).

Having a Tango PC in your pocket is like carrying around a gaming console, entertainment system, and workstation all in one. In terms of ports and connectivity – that’s all handled by the dock, which is also small unto its own.

Visit the Tango PC project page on Indiegogo. The project is already overfunded, the product is ready for manufacturing, and there’s a little less than a month left in the campaign to get in on it.

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