New report ‘confirms’ HTC-made Google Nexus 10 tablet

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htc nexusRumors are rampant nowadays as to the future of Google’s fairly successful Nexus gadget line, with reliable insiders suggesting the franchise as a whole will be killed off next year. Even if that’s true though, Big G may want to go out with a bang, launching anywhere between three and five devices in 2014.

There’s the nearly guaranteed N5 follow-up, which could bump up the display size to 6 inches, an N7 sequel with either a 7 or 8-inch panel, plus the oft-delayed second-gen Nexus 10. That’s just three, but don’t be surprised if the lineup gets a new addition for all of the following footprints: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 inches.

What the whole thing might depend on is how many manufacturing partners can Google line up. Also, how eager will they be to contribute knowing full well the series has no future? Apparently, Larry Page & co. can at least count on Lenovo and HTC. Asus, Samsung and LG? We’ll see.

Of the two sidekicks “confirmed” by several reports of late, HTC is now believed to be game for the most unsavory task of all: the Nexus 10-2. You know, the one everyone expected last fall, but never came, possibly on account of the first-gen flopping at the box-office. Hard.

So why is HTC keen on picking up Samsung’s pieces? Desperation, probably. Their smartphone business is doing really bad business these days, so they may need a change of scenery to stage a comeback. Only they’ve been out of the tablet landscape for quite a long time, so it all sounds like a huge gamble.

Unless the gossip turns out to be fictitious, in which case we’re getting worked up for nothing.

Via [Digitimes]

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