Motorola Moto G now available from US Cellular for $80 outright

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Moto G US CellularSurprise, surprise, another respectable carrier has joined the ranks of Motorola’s Moto G distribution partners stateside. Well, technically, that’s not the surprise, as insiders tipped us off before the weekend to expect the “little phone that could” on US Cellular.

They even got the date right, as the Moto G started selling earlier today, both online and offline. But here’s the real shocker: USC charges an unbelievable $79.99 for the contract-free gizmo, which is $100 less than its list price with Motorola and Amazon. $20 south of what Verizon asks for it, too.

How is it possible for the fifth largest American network to go so low on a device that, put simply, would be evaluated at maybe three, four times as much were it built by, say, Samsung or HTC? My guess is Motorola shrank, nay eliminated profit margins altogether, now selling the mid-range Android at essentially its manufacturing cost.

What’s the end game there? Build the prestige of a once mighty company, hit hard by the mobile revolution of the past few years and staging a comeback under new management.

At the end of the day though, who cares why Moto and USC choose to do business this way? You should just grab the $80 Moto G online (in physical stores it’s apparently $100) while you can, no questions asked. Trust me, it’s more than a bargain. More than a steal. It’s almost a giveaway.

Via [US Cellular]

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  • Dan

    The article is nothing new. But, perhaps some additional information for all the wonderful new deals. One should ask: Why only the prepaid Plans where similar phones were already available? Why is it not one of the new “feature phones?” Truth be told — I believe the company that’s going to have a hard time coming back is USCC. They have successfully alienated their customers now Woo’ing the pre-paid market after adopting the iMarket. Both of these feats only when pressured by other who had already done similar things. Unless USCC can find something unique to give them an edge, they’re just a high priced copy cat reacting more than providing anything original. It’s actually pretty sad.