Flappy Bird going for almost $100,000 on eBay

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Do you have Flappy Bird downloaded onto your iPhone? In the biggest plot twist since Flappy Bird becoming popular to begin with, you can apparently make an easy $100k on eBay for a phone with an updated version of the game downloaded onto it.

Since the skyrocketing of the silly game in which the player taps the screen to make a bird fly between pipes, the app has been scraping in $50,000 a day in ad revenue. Developer Dong Nguyen is, against his wishes, rich and famous.

The game developer, who prefers to be left in peace, removed the game from the app store, citing discomfort with the public’s attention.

The ridiculousness of paying $100,000 for a phone with a game that, honestly, held my attention for all of five minutes is too much to handle. I suppose if you’re filthy rich, blowing a hundred grand on almost nothing is child’s play, but it still makes me hate that devil bird even more. Screw you, little guy.

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