Recent study shows 84% of women favor mind over muscle

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Crucial LogoThings certainly have changed quickly over the past few years, as technology and gadgets have pervaded so many aspects of our daily lives. As such, a recent nationwide survey has shown that women strongly prefer amorous relationships with gadget-obsessed males over the gym-obsessed ones.

If this topic question were posed 10+ years ago, I’m sure it would have been met with laughter and ridicule. Being labeled as a nerd or geeks used to carry such a negative stigma, bolstered (and oftentimes embellished for comic appeal) by movies and television shows. Stereotypes have been characterized by tucked-in shirts, terrible fashion sense, thick glasses, irritating voices, social ineptitude, and getting picked-on by bullies in school halls.

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Oh, how the tables have turned. The survey, conducted on behalf of, shows 84% of women prefer their men to be “super handy” with technology and gadgets. Only 15% preferred their guys to be the gym/workout kind.

This kind of geek-appeal is so strong that 66% of women think their men claim to know more about gadgets than they really do, just to impress the ladies!

It makes a lot of sense. Today’s geeks represent success and stability. Being able to understand, configure, and fix computers and gadgets goes a long way in rescuing the proverbial “damsel in [tech-induced] distress.” Women want a guy that can be handy and solve technological woes.

What is also interesting is how this trend has shifted the laws of attraction. The research shows that 68% of women find these “tech savvy” guys more attractive today than they did 5 years ago. As technology continues to saturate the market, this shift is likely to continue on.

Guys, just remember that being techno-savvy isn’t necessarily a slam-dunk. Honing your social skills and maintaining a decent appearance (i.e. fit and healthy) goes a long way too. Be careful about inflating your tech knowledge. The study revealed that 1 in 10 women will end a relationship if the man doesn’t measure up to the boasts.

Not sure what the difference between a geek, nerd, and dork is? Check out this handy infographic.

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