iWatch team hits 200 employees

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Apple. iWatch. Smartwatch. Wearable tech. These words are on my minds these days. So many rumors about the highly anticipated Apple watch have been heard but now we’re learning that the iWatch will be simpler than described. Nothing new actually since Apple is known for being “simple” it won’t fit many complicated features in a small device.

Most likely, the iWatch will need an iPhone support but not sure if other iOS devices will work. There are also hints that this will be focused on fitness and health because you may remember that Apple hired Nike’s FuelBand expert last year.

And to make things more exciting for Apple fans, rumor also has it that the iWatch team now consists of 200 employees. That’s 200 people keeping a sacred secret. The number is small but the fresh information makes the Apple iWatch more exciting. What do you guys think?

<Source: AppleInsider>

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