Nokia X reportedly launching later this month at the Mobile World Congress

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Nokia X aka Nokia Normandy has leaked numerous times in the past few months. The reason for so much excitement when it appears to be an entry-level handset? Well, it’s said to come with a forked version of Android, a similar version that’s found inside the Kindle line-up from Amazon.

Well, Nokia has already sent out press invites to their press event at the Mobile World Congress, and if rumors are correct, Nokia will unveil a couple of devices at the event schedule for February 24th in Barcelona.

According to a report from WSJ, citing people familiar with the matter, Nokia plans to launch the Nokia X smartphone later this month at the Mobile World Congress. As rumored before, it seems the Nokia X will come with Nokia’s own version of Android and will have nothing to do with the actual Android itself.

The same sources also revealed it will be different from other Android handsets, and will not provide access to some Google related services, including the Google Play Store. Instead, it will come with a Nokia app store as well as other Nokia-related apps, such as HERE maps and a few others.

Nokia is said to be working on such a smartphone before its devices and services division was taken over by Microsoft for $7.1b, which is yet to complete. Now, the question is: will Microsoft allow such a thing? Nokia’s dominating the Windows Phone arena currently with its Lumia range of devices.

MWC 2014 is not too far, I guess it’s best to wait for it and see what the Finns have planned rather than firing blind shots about what they will do. We’ll update you as soon as any other information comes up.

Source: WSJ, PhoneArena Image Credit: @evleaks

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